France is Europe’s number one veal-consuming country. No surprise, then, that the VanDrie Group has a presence there with its branch location in the heart of the Dordogne.

Sobeval is an integral veal producer, slaughtering only calves from its own farm. SobevalVals and Schils France enter into agreements with French veal farmers regarding the production of veal. Veal farmers are guided by Sobeval’s own consultants in terms of animal health, stall configuration and feed rationing.

Producing in France means that Sobeval is able to offer the French consumer veal of French origin, with the label veaux nés et élevés en France (calves born and reared in France). Sobevalsupplies all the French supermarkets, ‘restauration hors domicile’, the industry, and also, via wholesalers, to traditional French butchers. At Boulazac, near PerigueuxSobeval produces a great range of quality products. It profiles itself as a specialist in prepared veal products marketed under the Finesse de Veau brand name.